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Friday, 31 January 2014

Hero - Five minute Friday

Did you ever know you were my hero?

Its the question the song asks, about admiration that maybe was not expressed.  There are so many heroes that  I have to commend.  I can start and end with my mother...
She did it friends, she sacrificed, went alone, sacrificed some more.  She took three girls, to a foreign island, and then ended up on her own. She raised them in the so-called bad part of town and while it took something and a while for them to get it - my mother, my hero - has three daughters who love the Lord, did not get pregnant out of wedlock (thats a big thing in our family and community) and the youngest is about to get married soon. Did you ever know you were my hero, mom? Not my perfect example, but as I raise my children with a husband to support me, I hope I do as well as you. I love you Mom.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mommy-hood for me

Mommy-hood is an inspiring journey for many, a burdensome load for others and for me...its an inspiring load that I would not want to give up.
The journey through motherhood is something I wish I could explain better to the unmarried and married not-yet-mothers. Questions range from queries into the pain of labour to is it a boy or girl (since my little boy has plaits) to how do you do it (since my eldest son is autistic and a pre-teen) to do you intend to stop after this one (since I am pregnant with a girl due April 2014).  Only one of the above mentioned questions have a clear-cut answer. The little one IS a boy.  Other than that, there is no answer that I can give that will fit the questioner like a glove. NONE.
We are all different. We will all have different experiences. We will all have different responses. Even though we may be like minded. Mother-hood will be different for all of us but not different enough to separate us.
I love my children, love the journey that  I have started with them. I love my baby in heaven who I never even got to meet on earth. And I will love all that come my way according to the will of God and my family life. ;)