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Friday, 28 February 2014

Five Minute Fridays - CHOOSE

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Recently, I have been choosing. Choosing more of the bad than the good in my thoughts. Its frustrating. I was given the power to choose. I. Must. Choose. Well.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Five minute Fridays - SMALL

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The smallest seed - ever - is equal to just enough faith.  The smallest hands in the house with more than enough love.  That seed grows into a large tree.  That faith can see you through large challenges.  Those little hands give the perfect hugs.

Faith like a mustard seed...I pray for just that amount so that I can raise the little one to grow into an adult with a big heart and big faith in a mighty, BIG God.  SMALL faith is just enough to bring a miracle into being. A SMALL fertilized egg is just enough to bring the miracle of a growing child into being.

End (with multiple interruptions by that SMALL one.)

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Part 2 - Mommy-hood fails

Like I said the last time, "Don't judge, pray."  I'm about to share the next five (5) fails I have been guilty of in this journey of mommy-hood so far.

Mommy-hood fail #6 - Do as I say, not as I do

The little one has a new "thing" to do - Caribbean people call is 'steupsing', others will say he "sucked his teeth at his mother."  Well son boy is 'steupsing' for everything. At himself, at his brother, at the TV, at me...come to think of it, I cannot say I've heard him 'steups' at his father, hmmm. I am to blame. I do it often, too often - in jest, in serious times and in frustration. He hears and repeats. I say,"Don't do that. Its not nice," and then I steups. SMH. Lord help me.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Garden (Five Minute Fridays)


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I have a garden...not one of flowers, plants or trees as yet. I need my own home and space for that.  But the garden I have is in the form of my family.  Green thumbs...I don't have. But I try mighty hard to water them with love, expose them to Son-shine and fertilize with grace and mercy.

If only I could remember that too much pruning could damage the plant.  I can over compensate in discipline all due to my own fears. But I remember almost all plants need watering every I love those boys of mine and this girl that is still covered in rich soil.  She will burst forth soon.

Making sure that Son-light and our Caribbean sunlight reaches them is important.  Teach them the Word, live for them the Word, love them by the Word and teach them to spread Son-light. These are the important things. For was wonderful growth ...for a growing garden...I plan to add to this garden. Grace and mercy fertilizing us all.

Heavenly Father, you love me enough to prune me in just the right way...thank you.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mommy-hood Fails

Mommy-hood Fails
Lord, I have a tendency to over share (I think) but am going to share ten (10) fails of my time as a mommy. There are more than 10 if you ask my children, and I am sure I will continue to add to the number but as a friend used to say - "Don't judge, pray".

Mommy-hood fail #1 - Diaper Lost

One (or two) time(s), I let my child stay in the same disposable so long when I eventually checked it the padding was one soaking gel ball. Ok...this has happened more than twice but definitely less than ten. Good thing there were no #2s. #relief

Friday, 7 February 2014

Steroids and a baby

Its so good to be able to say hello to you all and to be at home. :)  Get this, I was hospitalized for two days and injected with four doses of steroid for developing the lung function of my baby in case she comes early.

Now some of my family and friends had no idea I was in there and I will tell you this I had no idea why I was in there. Mild spotting, seven months along, initial check showed no signs for alarm, but the OBGYN consultant says "Check her in" and "medicate for four rounds of treatment of dexamethazone".

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My first born son turns two.

Today, the child that made me a mother turned two.

I have a two year old son.

I can barely believe it. Yet its hours of labour, a double dose of "inducing", a tangled umbilical cord and a short cry later, came "Tre".

He's a smart boy, with the flair for drama and provocation. He makes me laugh and has made me cry in frustration too. In the picture above, he has awakened to happy birthday and willing cheeses for the camera.

It is also this child that makes me so insecure