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Friday, 18 July 2014


It’s Five Minute Friday where a community of women gather to write for 5 minutes on 1 word. No editing, rethinking, backtracking – just get it out and on the page. Today’s word is BLOOM. It isn't easy but it’s so much fun. Join us at

He came into my life when he was three.  His father and I were just friends then. But I know he was not your typical child.

When he was nine, I become his new mom.  And I am still his new mom, I guess. But we are blooming just as he is blooming.
High functioning autism has nothing on God's power to let things and people grow in HIS timing.

We are having conversations now. Short but significant. Lately bloomed. He is taking greater responsibility for himself now. Lately bloomed. His is protective and involved with his younger siblings now. I would have been more worried about his response before. It may be late but big brother is blooming.

All the family that he has...they water his growth. Blessing upon the Perfect Gardener for watching this boy bloom.  Thank you.

Love you Eric.


  1. Hi Keisha,

    Saw your post on Lisa Jo Baker's 5 minute Friday (i am a day late).

    Thank you for writing and sharing about your experience with your son. We have two boys who are blessed with the uniqueness of forms of autism as well and you captured beautifully the reminder of blooming in God's timing. Thank you for loving him and for sharing! God Bless.....

    Gail from the Pacific Northwest, Wa

    1. Thank you for your comment. God's blessings on your family, give those boys a big Caribbean hug for me please. :) Grace and Peace.

  2. Such beautiful words. I can feel the love you have for him. He is blessed to have you and your faith to guide him.

    1. Thank you Kathleen. Its not an easy journey and I wish I was better at it but I do love him. He is growing well.
      Blessings on you this week. Did I tell you that you are blessed with with gift of encouraging others. Grace and Peace.