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Friday, 2 January 2015

Trying Again in 2015

Its a new year, literally the second day of 2015, and I am finally making the time to write. Again.  After my daughter was born, my family battled chickungunya, my laptop screen lost its visibility and I noticed myself losing the motivation, I stopped writing. My thoughts were that I am not really good at it so why do it.

But, here I am. Again.

I am going to try. Again.

Not just because it is a new year, not just because my laptop is fixed (it isn't) but because giving up is OUT. Out of the question. Out of my head. Out from my habits.

I will try. Again.

And again.

And again.

Until I have a legitimate reason to stop. Like maybe if the Lord calls me Home. Until then, I will keep writing. For me. For my family. For His glory.  I will be FULL of gratitude. The Lord was and is and will continue to be faithful.

I pray blessings on you and yours this New Years. Enjoy the ride. Keep the hope. Try Again. And again.

Please let me know what are some things that you started and would like to keep trying this year. We'll keep trying together.

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